What is GrowFlow?

A better traceability tool.

By removing all the extra steps, GrowFlow is saving 502 Producer/ Processors 15 - 30 Hours a week on Traceability and Sales

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No More Converting to Usable

GrowFlow takes the headache out of converting to usable

Seed to Sale for Washington has never been easier. ID's for plants are automatically generated and updated when sales orders are marked as 'packed'. Printing labels for each plant is also easier than ever.

  • Save Hours With Automatic 'Convert to Usable'
  • GrowFlow Removes all the Extra Steps
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"My Sales team's lives are 10 times easier."

A Clean, Visual System

GrowFlow's dashboard is intuitve and easy to learn

Setup and data syncing from WSLCB takes only minutes. Get up and running fast. Don't worry about taking time to learn our software. We have designed the interface to be as intuitive as possible, so you will be working as soon as you get into GrowFlow. If you do get stuck, our staff is available to help you quickly, or watch one of our training videos.

  • Easy to Understand
  • Training takes 15 minutes or Less
  • Well Documented How-To's in Video and PDF
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"Entering new sales from home means I save 2 hours on a round trip commute."

Did you forget to Transfer?

Transfers are now ‘1-Click’ from any device (even on the road).

There’s no more risk of human error when rushing to enter data. If you ever forget to send a Transfer- no worries- just click ONE BUTTON and all your prices are automagically entered for you.

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I saved about 3 hours the first day just on label printing alone.