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Stop wasting time on traceability, start growing your business.

GrowFlow is the easiest to use, complete traceability and sales system. Stop spending time entering data, and get back to growing your business.

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Completely replace your Traceability System Today.

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"GrowFlow is what all other trace-ability systems should strive to be."

Grow Flow is what all other trace-ability systems should strive to be.
It is a straight forward, common sense program that has cut our time on the computer down dramatically, allowing us to increase our efficiency and productivity. Their customer service is top notch and the people are just awesome!
We switched and haven't looked back; we just wish they would have started their company sooner.

Easy to use, complete sales and traceability system

GrowFlow saves you time by removing all the extra steps. Our interface is intuitive and easy to learn, so you can get up and running in about 15 minutes.

There is no setup costs or hardware to buy, no software to download. GrowFlow is 100% cloud based and works with all operating systems and modern browsers. You can login to your account from anywhere on your computer, phone or tablet.

Easy to Learn

GrowFlow has an easy-to-learn, intuitive interface. Most users learn GrowFlow in about 15 minutes. We train your employees so you don't have to, with one-on-one training sessions and help videos.

Complete Solution

Manage your plants, automatically convert to usable, create products, print all your labels, automatic invoicing and manifest with a few clicks. GrowFlow is a complete management system.

100% Compliant

We are traceability nerds, and everything in GrowFlow is 100% compliant. Do all activities from seed to sale, in GrowFlow, while staying 100% compliant.

In-App Chat Support

Get your questions answered fast. Never again spend 3 days trying to get someone on the phone. We have in-app chat and our response time is under a minute, and we solve your issues in minutes, not days.

"GrowFlow has made a dramatic improvement to our bottom line"

"Grow flow has made a tremendous improvement in our business. The time that we have saved working in Grow Flow has had a dramatic improvement to our bottom line, enabling us to focus on making and selling product vs battling a poorly designed state traceability system that was designed for a completely different product and market.

The team at Grow Flow has been amazing to work with...personal yet professional with our business needs at the forefront of every issue, I have not dealt with any other entity in this market with such regard for our well being as a company.

I would highly recommend making a switch to Grow Flow!"

Ivan Schwarz - Canna Vita

Life is short. Stop wasting time and get GrowFlow now.

Save time on every step of the process

From seed to sale, at every step, GrowFlow saves you time and headaches. Create and grow plants with ease. Put together sales orders in as little as 3 minutes. Use GrowFlow reports to gain insight into your business and make better decisions about your operation.


Complete Plant Management

Manage all aspects of your grow operation. Create new plants, track plant inventory with rooms and tables. Easily track harvest, cure and flower lots.


Automatic Conversions

Creating any product is as easy as a few clicks. We make conversions easy and straight forward - no more clicking around for hours. Create what you need in minutes.


Simple Sales Orders

No more sub-lotting and moving inventory into 'fake' rooms. Simply add to cart, and GrowFlow creates your labels and manifests automatically. Retailer change their mind? Void and re-manifest in seconds, without loosing your order.

A 15 minute demo, could save you hours a week. Get GrowFlow.

We spent time making the sales process as easy as possible.

Creating orders in other software takes forever! At GrowFlow, we completely reimagined how orders should work, and rebuilt them the right way. Now it easy to react to real life situations, with out needing to redo a bunch of work. From creation to accepting returns, GrowFlow thought of everything.

Easy Undos

Change quantities and add or delete items on the fly, with no need to re-manifest. You can even email invoices and QA certificates to retailers during any stage of the order process.

Live Inventory, so you can't oversell

GrowFlow orders are 'Pre-Manifested'. Once you start creating an order, the inventory is reserved. You will never 'double sell' inventory.

Automatically converted to usable

With a single click, all of the items in your order are automatically converted to useable. No more clicking a 1,000 times just to create an order.

Easily Void and Re-Manifest

Whenever you need to void a manifest, nothing in your order will be lost. In GrowFlow the order just moves back one step. Your precious order does not fall back into the abyss.

Traceability doesn't need to be a headache. Get GrowFlow.

Power to the Producers

At GrowFlow, we think there is an unfair burden put on producers and processors. The amount of reporting you must do to keep your business compliant, is hurting your bottom line.

How are you supposed to turn a profit, if you spend all your time reporting to the state?

We started GrowFlow to help farmers and processors - period.

Our solution is designed based on the feedback and insights from real, Washington growers and processors. We took the extra time to ensure GrowFlow matches your real-life workflow on the farm.

Our primary goal is to make reporting as quick and painless as possible and to give Producers and Processors the tools to grow their businesses.

You are the lifeblood of this industry, and you deserve a traceability partner who is in your corner. GrowFlow aims to be that partner.

Get back to growing your business. We'll handle traceability.

"I just want to give you a big hug"

"I used GrowFlow to generate and manifest my first order today. After all the label were printed out so easily (approximately 20 times faster than it would have taken in biotrack), all of my pressure, my anxiety, my worries are gone. I just want to give you a big hug and write you a big THANK YOU letter to tell you how much I appreciate you, your product and your company!

I would love to recommend GrowFlow all of my friends. In fact, it will be their loss to stay with any other traceability system. 😉

I honestly cannot understand how Biotrack or MJ Freeway could possibly compete with your product given how much time and money I have just saved. I've lost days of sleep using your competitors."

Julie - Perecan Farm


I saved about 3 hours the first day, just on label printing alone.

Chad, Bangs Cannabis Co.

Entering new sales from home means I save 2 hours on a round trip commute.

Daniel, EH Farms

My Sales team's lives are 10x easier.

Nick Hoag, Cascadia Gardens

Being able to instant message and get quick answers is worth leaving BioTrack - just for that amount of help. We are happy we switched.

Brad, Creekside Cannabis

Frequently asked questions

We all have questions in life. GrowFlow has the answers to those questions.

Almost every feature was designed around real life workflows.
From the ability to invoice prior to manifesting, to automatically emailing all the QA certs, to our automatic convert-to-usable time savers, GrowFlow removes as many extra steps as possible, so that you can spend your time on tasks that actually make you money, instead of just entering data.

Managing different systems is annoying and difficult. You’ve got your traceability system, your sales CRM, your kind-of-live inventory price sheets or menu for your salespeople, plus you have to get all your THC and store info into your label designer, and then of course your invoicing.

Then you need to store all your QA certs in Dropbox of Google Drive, and remember to send them with your driver or email them to the store for each delivery. GrowFlow is the only one-stop solution that was made specifically for Producer Processors, by countless site visits and iterations since 2015.

Nearly all users who give the free trial a shot, turn into paying customers. Ask anyone who uses GrowFlow - it is the best solution out there.

Getting setup on GrowFlow takes minutes.

Once you sign up for your free 30-day trial, we connect to your free state account, import your data, ensure your products and other settings are dialed in correctly.

That’s it - nothing to install, no setup costs. We also offer free training sessions to make sure you are setup for success.

We have the best support in the industry.

Just use the in-app chat feature and we will get your issues solved in minutes, not days.

No more waiting around for responses and wasting time. All the support you need, whenever you need it.


Our label maker is top-notch, and you can create all the labels you need for the whole seed to sale process. Including plant tags, compliance labels and retails labels.

Oh, and all our labels are 100% compliant and offer custom fields to fit any operations needs.

Nope and nope.

You can use any computer, tablet or phone with a modern browser and an internet connection to access GrowFlow.

There is no hardware to buy, or setup costs. Our labels are generated into PDF’s, so you can use any printer you would like.

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Free 30-day Trial. Use all of the great features for 30-Days and make sure GrowFlow is right for you. We include a full setup of your products and labels to make sure you are setup for success. You also get onboarding sessions with us, to make sure you are tapping into all the GrowFlow goodness. Sign up today.

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