What is GrowFlow?

Easy-to-use Traceability.

By removing all the extra steps, GrowFlow is saving 502 Producer/ Processors 15 - 30 Hours a week on Traceability and Excel

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No More Converting to Usable

GrowFlow takes the Traceability out of Traceability

502 compliance has been a pain in the ass for long enough. GrowFlow has worked alongside Washington Producers and Processors to develop traceability software that matches your real life work flow. No more converting to usable, no more moving stuff to imaginary 'rooms', no more double data entry. You deserve better. Take a 15 minute demo and see how your life will be easier with GrowFlow, a complete sales system that hides Traceability rules behind the scenes and allows you to get work done.

  • Save Hours With Automatic 'Convert to Usable'
  • GrowFlow Removes all the Extra Steps
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"My Sales team's lives are 10 times easier."

A Clean, Visual System

GrowFlow's left-to-right visual system is intuitive and easy to learn

After your experience with other Traceability software, we know it's hard to imagine a system that is easy to use and quick to learn. But if you invest 15 minutes for a demo, you'll quickly see how switching to GrowFlow will be a smooth process that your employees will thank you for.

  • Easy to Understand
  • Training takes 15 minutes or Less
  • Well Documented How-To's in Video and PDF
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"Entering new sales from home means I save 2 hours on a round trip commute."

Did you forget to Transfer?

Transfers are now ‘1-Click’ from any device (even on the road).

If you have ever forgetten to Transfer, fear no more. Transfers are literally 1-click. ONE BUTTON and all your prices are automagically entered on all line items for you. No more risk of human error entering data, and no more drivers stuck waiting at the delivery door.

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I saved about 3 hours the first day just on label printing alone.