Get the most out of every gram & manage inventory with ease

When you manage your inventory and conversions well, you can make the most profit. GrowFlow gives you the tools to easily manage your inventory and product creation so you can get the most out of every gram you produce.

GrowFlow's inventory and product tools are not complex, confusing webs. Instead, we worked with operations just like yours, to create a clear, understandable process you can learn quickly.

Make more money on every sale, with less time at the computer

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GrowFlow Visual Track and Trace Software
Less Data Entry - Products that make sense

The products you craft and sell are the core of your business. GrowFlow does products right, which means you enter way less data. Less time at the computer means more time selling.

Track material at every step on it's way to sale

It is no longer a mystery what got converted and when. With GrowFlow's inventory details you get a clear view of the history of all inventory items with easy methods to reverse conversions when mistakes are made.

Find what you want fast, with smart filters

Staying on top of all of your current inventory doesn't need to be a nightmare. GrowFlow makes it easy to find any invenotry, past or present, using powerful filters.

Everything you do is backed by live,
Legendary Support

Never go it alone. If you ever get stuck, GrowFlow is here to help you, fast (just one chat away).

If you do run into issues, we solve them in minutes, not days.

Dream up and create your unique products. We will make sure you stay compliant.

GrowFlow realizes the importance of inventory management and how it can effect your bottom line. We have worked closely with our customers to streamline and perfect the inventory management and conversion process.

GrowFlow Products empower your organization to sell more product, more quickly and give you actionable reports of which products are most profitable.

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Built on feedback from real-life processors & inventory managers

Complex Conversions made simple with GrowFlow screenshot
GrowFlow Conversion Icon

Simple, time-saving conversion process for Complex products

Marijuana infused products, like edibles or kief covered joints are easy to create in GrowFlow. We show you just the ingredients you need to make your stunner products and GrowFlow smart products get your inventory converted in a few clicks.

GrowFlow No Conversions Icon

No need to pre-convert simple products

You don't even need to pre-convert many products when you are using GrowFlow. For simple products, that don't require re-testing after converting, there is no need to pre-convert. You can handle everything in our straight-forward add-to-cart screen.

No need to convert simple products with GrowFlow screenshot
Easy Inventory management with GrowFlow screenshot
GrowFlow Easy Inventory Management Icon

Simplified inventory tracking, real-time & historical

GrowFlow tracks everything that happens to every single inventory item. You can see all the historical data on an item in a single click. If a mistake happens, it is also easy to reverse actions taken on inventory items.

Other great benefits to our Processor & Inventory Workflows

  • Find the lot or item you want instantly with smart filters and search
  • Modify batches of products quickly & intuitively
  • GrowFlow Products let you set pricing, label template and other attributes to easily create your product catalog
  • GrowFlow Products make converting and order processing simple
  • Mistakes happen & they are easy to reverse in GrowFlow
  • Unconvert back to parent lot and audit inventory easily

It doesn't end there. We make selling or transferring a snap

Automatic labels, invoice, pull sheet and manifest with GrowFlow screenshot
GrowFlow Automatic Sales order Icon

Automatic Conversions, Pull sheet, Invoice & Manifest generation.

Save time on every order. When you create an order in GrowFlow we automatically create a pull sheet and an invoice and dynamically create labels for every item on the order. When is time to manifest we generate that too — order creation to sold in just a few clicks. For extra accounting power, we also integrate with QuickBooks.

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GrowFlow Visual Sales Order Icon

Natural, Visual Order Tracking

See all of your pending orders, and where they are in the sales process in a single glance. Our left-to-right order flow shows you exactly what needs to be packed, labeled and manifested. Order creation is a simple add-to-cart screen and most products don't even need to be pre-converted.

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GrowFlow Visual Sales Order Process Screenshot
Dynamic Label Generation with GrowFlow screenshot
GrowFlow Dynamic Labels Icon

Effortless, Automagically generated, Dynamic Labels

Creating labels manually can be a nightmare and opens the door to mistakes. GrowFlow automagically generates all the labels you need so there is never any errors. You can customize the labels design to fit your needs and add graphics and complex designs for retail labels. Time savings x100.

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GrowFlow StoreFront Icon

Sell 24/7 with GrowFlow StoreFront

Retail stores should be able to order wholesale product, anytime, online. GrowFlow Storefront let's them do just that. Rather than chasing after vendors to get product ordered, let Retailers order anytime from your wholesale live menu on GrowFlow StoreFront.

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GrowFlow StoreFront Screenshot

A 30 minute demo could save you hours every week. Book one today.

"GrowFlow has helped me beyond comparable measure."

“GrowFlow has helped me beyond comparable measure. I will recommend GrowFlow to anyone in the cannabis industry.

It has an easy to use system and
is the best to learn on.”

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Amber Brick

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GrowFlow works in all legal cannabis markets, and integrates with all State Reporting Software: METRC, LeafData and BioTrack.

GrowFlow can help can help businesses of any structure.


Manage all aspects of your grow operation with ease. Workflows that match real-life.


Simple conversions. Easy inventory management. Tools to really move product.


Stable, real-time Point-of-Sale system that keeps customers coming back.

Don't feel like you fit one of those categories? GrowFlow can help any business. Let us show you.

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