Simple order creation that includes conversions, labels, invoicing & manifesting

No need to pre-convert or hop around different software programs to complete orders. Everything is crystal clear, and in one place.

Selling is how you make money, and selling is what GrowFlow does best.

Our order process makes you a pro by combining conversions, labels, invoicing and manifesting into one simple left to right flow.

Less time managing sales orders, more time selling product — outsell the competition in just a few clicks

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GrowFlow Visual Track and Trace Software
One-click Conversions & Automagic Labels

When you add product to an order, you don't need to pre-convert most products. Just select the lot you want to draw from and your products will be automatically converted and packed as part of the sales order flow. Labels for every item on your order are dynamically generated with all the correct information so you never need to create a label ever again.

Automatic pull sheet, invoice & manifest creation, plus Quickbooks integration

Paper work can be a drag. Our sales order flow generates all the documents you need to fulfill an order including your pull sheet, invoice and manifest. We also attach all the QA results on the order and you can email the recipient the invoice and QA results ahead of time. To keep your accountant happy, GrowFlow also integrates with Quickbooks.

GrowFlow Product templates streamline your workflow

The real power of our sales order flow begins with GrowFlow Product templates. These templates are easy to setup and reduce most of the data entry needed when creating an order. Product templates hold pricing and sizes as well as custom label templates on a per product basis. You can also generate useful reports based on the products you sell.

Everything you do is backed by live,
Legendary Support

Never go it alone. If you ever get stuck, GrowFlow is here to help you, fast (just one chat away).

If you do run into issues, we solve them in minutes, not days.

You built your business to sell, we built GrowFlow to make selling easy.

No matter what type of license you have, everything you do builds towards selling your hard earned product. This is where GrowFlow can help you the most. All of the magic we created everywhere else in the app comes together to get you selling product at lightning speed.

Our sales order process combines GrowFlow Products, with automatic invoice creation, automagic label generation and manifest creation all in our visual left to right flow.

This means you always know where each order is in the sales process and that all of necessary paper work is generated for you at each stage. Selling, simplified.

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Crafted so you can sell more product, more quickly

Edit orders anytime with GrowFlow Sales Process screenshot
GrowFlow Flexible Sales Order Icon

Edit, copy, undo, reverse with our Flexible orders

Things change. It happens a lot when it comes to orders. A retailer might want to add items, or subtract items or get the same exact order they placed last time around. GrowFlow was designed for maximum order flexibility and is ready for any changes you throw at it. This keeps your relationships tight with your retailers and saves your sanity.

GrowFlow Sales Order Communication Icon

Increase communication, reduce confusion

Keep things simple and save time communicating with your retail partners. Inside any sales order you can quickly email over an invoice and all the QA results for all the items on a given order, plus the manifest once it has been generated. For internal communication you can leave notes for your team on each order and set delivery dates so they know what to pack and label next.

Better Communication with GrowFlow Sales Order Process screenshot
Actionable Sales Reports with GrowFlow screenshot
GrowFlow Sale Report Icon

Reports to help you sell more

Make decisions based on data, rather than hunches. GrowFlow generates reports, right inside the app, on everything you sell. You can use this to identify top performing products, who your strongest retailers are and even identify new retail connections using our mapping report. We turn your data entry into a business advantage.

It doesn't end there. We make selling or transferring a snap

Automatic labels, invoice, pull sheet and manifest with GrowFlow screenshot
GrowFlow Automatic Sales order Icon

Automatic Conversions, Pull sheet, Invoice & Manifest generation.

Save time on every order. When you create an order in GrowFlow we automatically create a pull sheet and an invoice and dynamically create labels for every item on the order. When is time to manifest we generate that too — order creation to sold in just a few clicks. For extra accounting power, we also integrate with QuickBooks.

GrowFlow Visual Sales Order Icon

Natural, Visual Order Tracking

See all of your pending orders, and where they are in the sales process in a single glance. Our left-to-right order flow shows you exactly what needs to be packed, labeled and manifested. Order creation is a simple add-to-cart screen and most products don't even need to be pre-converted.

GrowFlow Visual Sales Order Process Screenshot
Dynamic Label Generation with GrowFlow screenshot
GrowFlow Dynamic Labels Icon

Effortless, Automagically generated, Dynamic Labels

Creating labels manually can be a nightmare and opens the door to mistakes. GrowFlow automagically generates all the labels you need so there is never any errors. You can customize the labels design to fit your needs and add graphics and complex designs for retail labels. Time savings x100.

Other great benefits to our Sales Order Workflow

  • Set or assign users to each order
  • Add internal notes & delivery dates to help prioritize orders
  • Create fully customized automagic labels to match your brand
  • Upload QA certificate PDFs to each lot, to be sent to retailers
  • Handle returns with ease
  • Dead simple add-to-cart screen for order creation

Take the friction out of the selling process with StoreFront

GrowFlow StoreFront Icon

Sell 24/7 with GrowFlow StoreFront

Retail stores should be able to order wholesale product, anytime, online. GrowFlow Storefront let's them do just that. Rather than chasing after vendors to get product ordered, let Retailers order anytime from your wholesale live menu on GrowFlow StoreFront.

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GrowFlow StoreFront Screenshot

A 30 minute demo could save you hours every week. Book one today.

"I've been able to save between 20-30 hours a week"

“I've been able to save between 20-30 hours a week on the computer and dedicate that time to building the business.”

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Hollingsworth Cannabis

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GrowFlow works in all legal cannabis markets, and integrates with all State Reporting Software: METRC, LeafData and BioTrack.

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